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Void Rifter XR is a dynamic, high-speed mech shooter brought to you by Piece By Piece XR Development. Test your skills against other players in a high-speed dynamic mech combat or hold your ground against waves of enemies and survive the horde.

  • Select from a range of tactical equipment to have an edge on your opponents ; 
  • Customize your mech using the in-game progression system, unlock more parts by playing more games (losing a match will still reward you with points, but winning will give you extra!) ; 
  • Play on a flat screen(Available in beta) or in VR, supporting Pico neo 3, Pico Neo 4, Oculus quest 1 and 2, Oculus Rift(Available in beta), Valve Index(Available in beta), Vive(Available in beta, unknown functionality), and more.

A product brought to you by Piece by Piece XR Development



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VoidRifterXR_PC_1.7f.zip 783 MB
VoidRifter_Oculus_1.71f.zip 389 MB
VoidRifter_Pico_1.7f.zip 387 MB

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apk where it at

If you're going Oculus then it's the Oculus build. Otherwise you can grab it from side quest

Please view previous replies. Although Void Rifter has had some minor development done to it there's no ETA for a fix as the financing is still not there.

does it work with amd 

if it does work with amd pls fix the white screen bug


I appreciate that you're so persistent to play it. However it's on a pause for development until more financing can be acquired. When that day comes i'll push the release here and you'll be able to see it. Join the discord for more updates! Thanks!

pls add bots or mvm like tf2 OR single player.....pls


Good news is there are bots, they mingle in with the players. Also if you'd like to play the horde mode single player create a custom match and set it to private and no bots or players will join.

Did you enjoy your play time with it's current iteration?

Can't really get in the shop, all i can see is a white screen

I'm sorry to hear that. At the moment the funding for Void Rifter has run out so it is on a temporary hold until financing can be established. I do want to say thank you for attempting to play it however, it's much appreciated! 

wacky shit mane


very wacky

Is this available on Android/Google cardboard?

Oh dude, i don't even know if those dev kits are up to date anymore unfortunately. It is available on pc though, it'll be some day coming to mobile phones too in the far off future. But no google cardboard at this point


cant make an account theres no 0 

My apologies, 

there is an update coming later this week with that resolved. If you still want to play, some of the users found a solution by going to a browser or a text entering application and copying over their credentials. 

This isn't a perfect solution, and i'm sorry it is not fixed yet. It will be very soon(less than a week).

Feel free to join the discord for the most up to date information on the development. 

Hello, please be aware i have pushed the new update that allows for inputting a zero


LOVE IT! Thanks for making this game!


Thank YOU for playing it, and also making rc rush!


I want to get this, but I would rather get it on app lab. I have to many game stores right now. Any news on putting it on that store. 


You can get it now and then get an applab key when the store lets the game in.


Lol Looks Like Someone's Trying To Spoil Me With Another Mech Battler,🦾✨

I Will Most Definitely Be Picking Up A Copy.✨ 

Keep It Going!

Deleted 2 years ago