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Attention - Void Rifter Demo has been taken down for legal reasons and will now redirect to Void Rifter XR Free To Play

Void Rifter is a VR Action shooter for the Oculus Quest and Rift/Rifts.

We are continuing the development of this project and actively looking for publishers in order to continue. We're very proud of this as we've been working day and night to prepare this demo. If you're a fan of VR action shooters, or know someone please do not hesitate to share. 

If you have any feedback please provide it through our bug and feedback page on our website at www.piecebypiecedevelopment.com or post your comment below


Void Rifter XR


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Bruh, this was amazing. Any chance you can make the missile button not require grip? (Maybe make it a big side slam button?) And hand tracking would be godly. I would toss up some money for this.  I'm talking about the Quest ver btw. 

Last thing, could you make the enemies easier to see? Maybe just a option to make them Superhot red? Lol


Thanks for your message, it's lovely to hear people are still enjoying the demo. I'd recommend follow our twitter page for the latest updates! We're since moved on with production and we're building void rifter into an episodic adventure game with a multiplayer arena combat secondary focus for our first release.  I'll just note some quick things right now, hand tracking is a maybe at this moment in time, we're building void rifter into a not just VR game to allow for a larger user base and allow those who feel motion sickness to still enjoy the game! Our art is getting a revamp and things will be slightly changing aesthetic to fit a more eccentric 80's sci fi similar to something like far cry blood dragon. We're also adding more mech types to increase the variation in gameplay for the campaign and multiplayer. 

I am so sorry i took so long to reply, i hadn't checked the itch page in some time due to the low download rate but i'm very glad i did because this message was wonderful to read. Thanks for your interest check out the twitter for more :)